Crochet hats

Crochet hat market stall
Crochet hat stall at Notting Hill Carnival
Crochet hat stall in night club
Crochet hat stall in fair
Crochet hat market stall

Ualda's hats are hand-made with a crochet hook in a variety of materials, though the majority are wool, cotton and/or acrylic. Crochet is of course a traditional craft handed down from mother to daughter in her native Sicily but her designs are individual.

Most of the forms are quite stiff and most hats can take a variety of shapes at the whim of the wearer.

Ualda's world of mad hats and other crazy crochet

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Crochet hat - Green beret with black stalk
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Looking for a crochet hat? You've come to the right place! As you can see in the photos, Ualda's hats have been available from her stall in markets and nightclubs in the London area and at festivals across England and the UK. Now you can buy them from the comfort of your own computer through our online shop. Of course you can't try them on till you get them, but you can return them for a refund if you don't like how they fit.

There are all kinds of hats in the shop, click on them to move down for some examples: beanie hats, party hats, brimmed hats, flowery hats, hats in team colours, hippy hats, kids' hats, fluorescent hats, men's hats, women's hats.

The pictures shown here are not changed when a hat is sold, so it's possible you may see a hat that's not currently in stock. If you see one you want that's not in the shop, let us know and Ualda will make another like it for you.